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Summer ends, the work begins!

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As we wave goodbye to the summer season and don our woolly sweaters, some might imagine us kicking back, sipping hot cocoa, and reminiscing about the summer shenanigans we’ve just bid farewell to.

“Surely, they’re done with work for the year?”, you might think.

But you couldn’t be more mistaken!

The echoes of our summer events have barely faded and yet the gears are already grinding here at Thornborough.

Why, you ask?

To make next year’s summer experience at our venue even better, of course!

So, what have we been working on? 🤔

Well, dear reader, you didn’t think we’d just spend the off-season twiddling our thumbs and sipping pumpkin spice lattes, did you? Perish the thought!

We’ve been greasing our elbows and breaking a sweat to ensure that our beloved Thornborough gets a makeover worthy of a reality TV reveal.

Remember that slightly wonky deckchair from last year? Or the snack bar queue that twisted longer than a python’s lunch? We’ve heard your feedback and we’re on it faster than a squirrel on an acorn!

So, put on your imaginary hard hats, and let’s dive into the world of renovations, refurbishments, and revamps we’ve been working on.

Enhancing the Stage

We’ve buffed and polished our open-air stage until it shines brighter than a newly minted penny, ensuring it’s primed to capture every decibel, every note of music, and every moment of summer magic!

Introducing “The New Bar”

We’re raising the bar (quite literally, with timber and nails) to create a swanky new watering hole that will leave even the most sophisticated sippers swooning!

Our New Seating Area

We’re rolling out new seating areas and tables, ensuring there’s plenty of space for everyone to lounge in comfort, and multiplying our table count faster than rabbits in spring!

Discover Better Facilities

From parking lots smoother than silk to toilets cleaner than a whistle, we’re leaving no stone unturned to upgrade every facility at Thornborough, making sure next summer is more comfortable than sitting in your favourite armchair.

Exciting New Vendors

We’ve sourced an eclectic mix of gourmet food and drink vendors, bringing a smorgasbord of deliciousness that’ll get your taste buds jiving faster than a jitterbug at a jazz festival!

New, Bigger, Better Events

And yes, you better believe we’re already juggling dates, pulling strings, and spinning plates to line up a bonanza of dazzling events for next year that’ll knock your socks off!

And this all folks …for now at least!

So there you have it, folks! A round-up of our upcoming shake-ups.

We’re not just making a few tweaks; we’re giving Thornborough a full facelift. As we bid adieu to a summer that’s been more rollercoaster than sunlounger, we’re not just twiddling our thumbs, oh no!

We’re already gearing up for next year, adding more spice to the mix than a chili cook-off!

So keep your peepers peeled and your calendars clear, because next summer at Thornborough is going to be more popping than popcorn on movie night.

Until then, keep the sunscreen handy and the good vibes flowing!

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