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Explore the Best Outdoor Event Venues in Birmingham

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outdoor event venues

Outdoor events have a unique charm, offering a blend of natural space, open skies, with a sense of freedom and creativity. Birmingham, with its rich cultural history, provides an array of outdoor venues that can be hired for events. From historic halls to serene gardens, Birmingham has it all. Let’s embark on a journey through some of Birmingham’s most sought-after outdoor event venues, concluding with the premier choice: Thornborough Events.

Thornborough Events: The Premier Choice

At the heart of Birmingham’s outdoor event scene is Thornborough Events, a venue that epitomises versatility and uniqueness. Whether you’re planning a large music festival, an intimate wedding, or a corporate retreat, Thornborough’s expansive open field can be transformed to fit your vision.

With everything from customisable stages and marquees, bars and food stalls to live entertainment areas and kids activity zones, our venue tailors itself to your event’s unique needs.

Our proximity to Birmingham also ensures easy access, making it a convenient and top-tier choice for event organisers. Check out our outdoor event hire service for more information.

outdoor event venues

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A look at Birmingham’s Other Outdoor Venues

Before delving deeper into the why Thornborough is the top choice for outdoor events, let’s take a moment to explore other outdoor venues in Birmingham. Each of these spaces offers a distinct charm and allure, adding to the city’s diverse eventscape.

From the tranquillity of lush gardens to the grandeur of historic estates, Birmingham offers a venue for every occasion. As we journey through these other options, remember that finding the perfect venue involves not only considering the visual aesthetic but also the functionality and adaptability of the space to your event’s specific needs.

Let’s discover what Birmingham has to offer.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Nestled in the heart of the city, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a true urban oasis, boasting a diverse collection of flora and fauna. Its lush landscapes and tranquil settings make it a popular choice for outdoor events seeking a touch of nature. The venue offers a unique blend of the serene and the spectacular, providing a stunning backdrop to any event.

The Gardens offer a variety of event spaces, including the Terrace Suite overlooking the main lawn, the Garden Suite with a private garden, and the Loudon Suite, ideal for smaller gatherings. Each suite is equipped with modern facilities while retaining the charming character of the historic buildings. Whether you’re planning a large-scale festival, an intimate gathering, or a corporate function, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens provide an enchanting backdrop and a memorable experience for your guests.

However, while the Botanical Gardens offer a picturesque setting, they may lack the customisable infrastructure and expansive space that large, diverse outdoor events often require. This is where Thornborough Events’ flexibility and adaptability continue to set it apart as the premier choice for outdoor events in Birmingham.

Cannon Hill Park

Situated near the city center, Cannon Hill Park offers a dynamic and flexible venue for outdoor events. The park spans over 250 acres of formal gardens, wildlife habitats, and recreational facilities, creating a vibrant hub of activity and entertainment. With its sprawling green spaces, two playgrounds, and picturesque lakes, the park is a preferred choice for community festivals, live performances, and corporate outings.

Cannon Hill Park also houses the Midlands Art Centre (MAC), an arts complex offering a variety of indoor and outdoor event spaces. The MAC’s outdoor amphitheater, situated at the heart of the park, provides a unique setting for live music, theatre performances, and outdoor cinema events. The venue’s extensive amenities and flexible space make it an adaptable option for both large-scale and small intimate events.

In addition, the park offers a range of leisure facilities, including tennis courts, a mini-golf course, and paddle boat rentals, providing entertainment options to complement any event. Whether hosting a large festival or a smaller scale gathering, Cannon Hill Park delivers a diverse and engaging environment that caters to a wide array of event requirements.

Aston Hall

Aston Hall, a magnificent Jacobean mansion located in the heart of Birmingham, presents an extraordinary backdrop for outdoor events. The grandeur of this Grade I listed building, coupled with the surrounding 50 acres of idyllic parkland, offers an unforgettable setting for a wide range of events. Aston Hall, renowned for its unique historical charm, provides a captivating blend of art, culture, and nature, making it a sought-after venue for sophisticated outdoor gatherings.

Alongside the mansion itself, Aston Hall offers multiple outdoor spaces suitable for events of various scales. The North Courtyard, for instance, is a versatile courtyard space ideal for small-scale festivals or markets. The South Garden, on the other hand, boasts a wide-open green space perfect for larger outdoor events, such as concerts or summer garden parties. Furthermore, Aston Hall’s professional events team is on hand to offer their expertise, ensuring every event is a resounding success.

Whether you’re planning an elegant garden party, a memorable music festival, or a vibrant community fair, Aston Hall delivers an great event experience, combining historical grandeur with picturesque outdoor surroundings.

The Bond Company

The Bond Company is a unique outdoor event venue located in the creative quarter of Digbeth, Birmingham. This former Victorian factory is a gem of industrial architecture and has been thoughtfully transformed into an eclectic venue space. Among its distinct features, The Bond Company offers a stunning waterfront setting along the Grand Union Canal, creating a picturesque backdrop for a variety of outdoor events.

The Bond Company offers a range of spaces to suit events of different scales. The Canalside is a delightful outdoor space that is ideal for summer barbecues, festivals, and team-building activities. Its waterside location, combined with street-food vans and market stalls, creates an immersive and vibrant atmosphere. The Victorian Suite, with its combination of vintage charm and modern facilities, is a versatile space that can be adapted for workshops, exhibitions, or product launches.

Moreover, The Bond Company’s dedicated event team provides comprehensive support, ensuring that every detail — from catering and decor to technical equipment and event planning — is catered to with meticulous attention. Whether you’re looking to host a corporate function, a creative festival, or a community gathering, The Bond Company offers a distinctive and dynamic setting to make every event memorable.

Blakesley Hall

Blakesley Hall is a striking timber-framed house, a fine example of Tudor architecture, nestled amidst a serene, idyllic garden in Yardley, Birmingham. Dating back to 1590, this historic property marries the charm of its rich heritage with contemporary conveniences, offering a unique outdoor event venue for an array of occasions.

The lavish grounds of Blakesley Hall, punctuated by beautiful flower beds and a verdant orchard, lend themselves to a multitude of outdoor events from garden parties and picnics to open-air concerts and theatrical performances. The splendor of the gardens, coupled with the captivating backdrop of the Hall, creates a picturesque and memorable setting for your event.

Blakesley Hall also extends its function rooms, characterised by their Tudor architecture and period features, for indoor events or as a contingency plan for outdoor functions during inclement weather. The rooms are adaptable to various layouts, perfect for corporate meetings, workshops, or social gatherings.

With an experienced events team on hand to assist with planning and logistics, Blakesley Hall ensures a seamless event experience. From coordinating catering services to arranging special tours of the historic house for your guests, their team is committed to creating a truly bespoke and unforgettable event. Whether you are planning a corporate retreat, a cultural festival, or a private celebration, Blakesley Hall stands as a unique and engaging outdoor event venue.

Why Thornborough Stands Out

As you evaluate outdoor event venues, Thornborough distinguishes itself for a number of key reasons. First, the sheer size of Thornborough offers a level of scale that few venues can match. This vast expanse allows for the hosting of large-scale events without the usual restrictions, providing the flexibility to accommodate a diverse range of event formats and sizes.

Secondly, the flexibility offered at Thornborough is unparalleled; it’s a blank canvas that can be transformed to mirror the vision of your event. Be it a grand corporate gala or an intimate garden soirĂ©e, Thornborough can cater to your unique requirements, setting it apart from other venues that have strict, rigid specifications.

Thirdly, Thornborough’s prime location, easily accessible yet away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre, is another compelling feature. This makes it an ideal choice for attendees who wish to converge from different parts of the country, providing a serene retreat that’s still convenient.

Lastly, what truly sets Thornborough apart is its expert team. With a wealth of experience in managing a range of events, our dedicated team works diligently to ensure that every detail is taken care of, providing you with a seamless and stress-free planning experience. Their commitment to service excellence adds a distinct value to Thornborough that is hard to replicate.

In comparison to other venues, while they possess historic charm and beautiful gardens, they lack the versatility, expansive space, and strategic location that Thornborough offers. Therefore, Thornborough undeniably stands as a superior choice for your outdoor event venue needs.


In conclusion, Thornborough’s distinctive combination of versatile space, prime location, and dedicated expert team sets it apart from other outdoor event venues. Its inherent flexibility allows it to accommodate a wide array of events, from intimate gatherings to live music and food festivals, making it an unbeatable choice. The quintessential blend of tranquility and convenience, coupled with comprehensive event management support, renders Thornborough an unrivalled choice for your next event. Choose Thornborough, and rest assured that your event will be as memorable as the venue itself.

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